Understanding Enlightenment…

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An unending state of mind

A state in which all there exist is just the present moment

Free from the past and future

Past brings with it experiences but also regret

Guilt, remorse and distress

Eats up the present

Future holds hope and happiness

Immense joy, which is short lived

Illusions of the mind

Eats up the present

All I want to do is to sit and do nothing

But my mind should sit with me

Without justification and reasoning

It should believe

I am here not going anywhere

I can’t go back and change the past

I can’t go in the future, where all my joy lies

I am here, and right now

I am not going to Berlin or China

I am not going to trek from Badrinath to Kedarnath

Or to buy a Royal Enfield and ride to Leh

I am here, right here

All there exit is now

The saying will come true

With meditation & awareness I will break through

The day in my mind all there is just the present moment

The day I’ll be awaken…


His Journey

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An Indian on a journey

This is about his journey

An expression to imbalance the society

He is on the journey to an alternate life

A journey to find a balance

To learn self sustainability

To understand natural farming

Gain abilities to create

Create other things than money

The purpose is to reach singularity

There are voices in his head

One voice said,

“Don’t waste time over petty stakes”

“There’s a place you have to create”

“There are some challenges you have to face”

“There are people you have to save”

“Show them the door to alternative ways”

“But first you have to raise your feet and walk the way”

For how long?

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For how long will we disagree? Like fools who know nothing of the world

For how long will we be pushed aside by the important people of our society? Like worthless beings

For how long will we continue living where there is no satisfaction of thought? In a place where we can’t breathe without proving its worth

For how long will we stay back to prove that we too are worthy?

We live in cities where there is no respect for life itself. People die crossing roads, women raped returning home, children kidnapped and often murdered

Where we dance to the beats, words doesn’t matter, only clothes speak and music is shattered

For how long will we ignore the degradation of life for the development? For how long will we forget our individuality for the corporate?

For how long will we avoid humanity for our wealth? And hide our true self. I ask you, for how long will we be quite and show respect?


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Two days for us

Two days for me

Two days to feel free

Two days for love

Two days for passions

Two days for new places

Two days for unknown faces

Two days for beaches & hills

Just two days to kill

Two days to rest

Some time to reflect

Move Out

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I call upon fellow proletarians & bourgeois to Move Out

And Move-In

Move out of the pleasures of weekends and birthdays. And Move-In toward ourselves

Move out of traffic jams, sense of corporate belonging and Move-In to open places. Let’s explore ourselves, create a world we dream every day. And live it!

Living away from money and mirrors

Lets retire. Retire at the age of 25 or 28. Move away from the success and towards a more fulfilling life

Lets not be afraid of the unknown. Afraid of the change, uncertainty and rejection

No big cars, no big flats, and no big balance

Let’s be the change we wish to see. Let’s Move Out


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By five I’ll be free

Free free free

Breathe free amidst roaring engines

Drift free across assembly lines

Restlessly free to reach

Alas! I am free I am home

Free from the mask

Into my shelter, my shell

Later I sleep amidst thousand hungry dreams

Where I wake amidst thousand hungry beings

Prepared again to leave

My youth, my tribute to the working world


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Identity, a barrier to evolution

A carrier of past and future. An illusion

Starting alot of confusion

Identity, a problem to all solutions

A limit to all conclusions

Founded on principles

Found in humans, identifies with possessions

Interfere in every conversations